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Reflection has been a recurring theme in my work. In terms of interpreting nature and of mathematical complexity it offers me the biggest challenge. I concentrate on natural reflection and the interaction it has with the physical world. How does the shape of water change with the impact of wind or current? How does light effect the strength/ type of colour found? The more I think about it, the more if feels like there is an almost infinite amount of variables to consider. As an artist I am always thinking of the invisible world and the way in which nature can distort itself. For me, the interest of painting very much lies in the simplification of complexity. The process of analysing/decoding reflective structure with the impact of light is a perfect combination in which to be challenged. 

My second focus is family. Recently becoming a father has directed me toward this, but having always intended to bring figure work back into my painting, this theme aligns well. My work is centred round what I observe and the subtle interaction between ‘elements’. I’m looking to capture the interaction between people in the same manner; as a result the natural starting point for me has been to focus on mother and child. The theme also is aligned to the principal that I try and concentrate on themes that challenge.

Figure work completes the triple focus approach that I’m currently working too. As a result of including figure work within my landscapes, I have decided to focus solely on excluding both colour and nature, focusing squarely on the human form. To avoid the distraction which comes with using colour, I have been focusing on mediums that only include black and white, mainly charcoal but with the use of white oil paint. My goal here is to understand the human form in greater detail; concentrating on structure, form and manner. This supports aspirations that I have long term, but in truth I just find the human form appealing and exciting

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