George Mckenna Reviews

Comments left from exhibitions and commissioned work:

A Skyme. Bristol
"Vibrant Colours - I can feel + smell + sense you enjoyed this"

David M. Bristol
"One of the best exhibitions I've seen here - would like to achieve the same standard one day"

E Butler. Bristol
"Very impressive, authentic, and vibrant artwork. Love the portrayal of St George in the dappled light"

Tim. Bristol
"Great commission, so glad I got this done for my anniversary. I find myself looking at it without realising, brings me in and really captures my wedding in Sienna. Thanks again George, much appreciated!"

Nicky Corbett. Bristol

Steve & Heather. Bristol
"Great Paintings, very original"

Chris Kayner. Bristol
"Excellent exhibition, great talent, I love the range of images captured & the colours too, which are really emotive & convey the mood so well. I love the ones of the dawn in particular"

A C. Bristol
"So good to see good use of colour - the flecks of purple amongst the gold etc. Also the ability to see beauty in unlikely places"

Rodney & Margaret. Northamptonshire
"We wanted a painting of our daughter in law and our grandson, together. What we got was something far more - words can't describe - just thank you!"

"It's really, really, really sooooo good. I love the colours!! It's such a good contrast, It's amazing, BRAVO!"

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